Whole house water filtration system 3 Stage - Sediment, KDF55 GAC, Carbon Block 10" Housings with Pressure Release.

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Whole House Water FIlter System 3/4" Connection with Pressure release - Triple Housings

This water filtration system includes:
3  - 10" Housings - 3/4" Nipple (3.5" x 10") with pressure release 
3  - Mounting Bracket 
12- Mounting Screws
1st Stage - Sediment Filter 5 micron
100% Polypropylene Cartridges, multi layered construction for true depth filtration,the multi-layer graded density captures particles through out the entire cross section of the cartridge and reduces surface binding. 

2nd Stage KDF55/ GAC Filter
Bacteriostatic KDF - Coconut Shell GAC filter cartridge uses KDF 55 copper-zinc media and coconut shell granular activated carbon to effectively remove chlorine, water soluble heavy metals as well as inhibit scale and the growth of bacteria and microorganisms in potable water. This filter fits standard # 10 and slim lime # 10 housings that can accomodate a 3 x 9/34" filter cartridge.

Drinking water is treated with Chlorine in order to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and microorganisms in municipal water supplies. Activated carbon media is extremely effective at removing chlorine from drinking water; however, once chlorine is removed nothing is left to inhibit bacteria growth in the water. The K D F 55 media in this filter eliminates this problem by removing chlorine and inhibiting bacteria growth at the same time through the use of high-purity copper-zinc granules.

3rd Stage Carbon Block Filter 5 Micron
This filter is a coconut shell carbon block cartridge 5 micron and excellent dirt holding capacity, chlorine taste and odor reduction

Assembly required. Great Value

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