Install Guides





Color Code Tubing for a 4/5/6/7 Stage System:

Red: to feed water adapter (1/2" MPT X 1/2" NPT X 1/4" OR 3/8" Tube QC)

Black:   to drain water saddle valve (Drain Saddle 1/4" TUBE QC)

Blue: to storage tank valve/fitting **if applicable**


White: to Faucet or inline ball valve 


Dual Systems DI/RO & Aquarium DI RO

Yellow to DI inline Ball Valve (4,5,6,7 Stage) or with dual output units 


Units with auto flush mini computer, it will flush automatically. 

Please note: Membrane is pre installed, flow restrictor is pre INSTALLED on the waste line** empty 1st Tank of water prior to use (removes carbon fines) 


To remove tube from fittings (quick connect) push in collar and pull tube out (do not use force). RO Storage Tanks are pre pressurized from Factory. Please allow at least 2-4 hours for the tank (3 G Tanks) to fill before turning on the clean water faucet or ball valve, flushing the first tank of water recommended. Do not add air to the tank - empty tank pressure is 7-8 PSI.


Please follow the filter stages as per the item description.


If your item includes a manual flush valve, after install Please flush the system for minimum 15 Minutes prior to use.*** Turn Valve to off position after flushing or the tank will not fill. (On the Waste Water loop)***


Please flush the first tank of RO Water so that any carbon fines etc., will flush out. Please allow 3-4 hours for the tank to fill depending on tank size and GPD of the unit. RO Water Storage Tanks are pre pressurized at the factory (7-8 PSI). Tampering with a tank is not recommended.


If your unit has an adjustable flow restrictor, after installation, adjust the flow restrictor by measuring RO Product water to Waste Water for 1:1 ratio adjust to equal part of RO water to waste water. We recommend RO Product water to 1 : 2 or 1: 3 Waste Water. Turning knob to right will restrict the waste water. (Note: There are 2 adjustable controls at bottom for better tuning).


If your unit includes an electric booster pump, plug it in after installation.



** Reverse Osmosis Membrane are tested at 77 F Water Temperature, 65 PSI Water Pressure, 250 PPM for best product water flow. For every -1F Degree from 77F Water Temp, average loss of product water is average -2% per -1F Water Temp. ** Higher TDS, PPM will also affect the production rate. **


Please email us for faster response  (Hours are 9A-3P PST) - We are closed Saturday, Sunday and all major holidays.


Thank you.


WARNING!! The installer is responsible for any leaks resulting from installation of tubing or related fittings. The installer must check over the entire system completely while under pressure to ensure the system is not leaking and is functioning properly. Liability resulting from failure to check for leaks under pressure is the sole responsibility of the installer. 


Feed Water Pressure should not exceed 80PSI, Install a RO Pressure Regulator if higher psi.