Scale Stop Template Assisted Crystallization WATER CONDITIONER. 12 GPM Whole House System

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SALT FREE Template Assisted Crystallization WATER CONDITIONER. 12 GPM
NO Salt Water Conditioning
Scale Prevention System (New Technology)
· NO lime scale build-up on pipes, fixtures or appliances and can even remove existing scale in some cases!
· Easy Installation, Two Connections, Simple pipe in /pipe out!
· Saves water no backwash required simple flow through to point of use!
· NO power required NO timer or backwash cycle!
· NO chemicals or salt required!
· NO maintenance! NO drain required!
· Will not harm the environment; adds or removes nothing from the water while giving the benefits of soft water!
· Saves energy by eliminating the need to heat through insulating scale and save money by extending the life of pipes and appliances!
· The essential calcium and magnesium nutrients removed by traditional water softeners remain and there is no sodium added as with traditional softeners to aggravate cardiovascular or other health problems.
· 50% less soap and detergents required and enjoy whiter whites and brighter colors without hard water stains!
· Fits in limited space one small tank no brine tanks or large regeneration tanks!
How It Works
· Calcium ions, magnesium ions and bicarbonate ions in untreated water form scale on the inside walls of pipe, exterior of fixtures and on heating surfaces because crystallization is not taking effect efficiently between the ions due to their suspension between water molecules and the need to come together in the proper alignment to form crystals. Therefore they form as scale on the surfaces of the water system.
· The system is a simple “physical water treatment” known as TAC (Template Assisted Crystallization) Template=mold, guide or pattern. Assisted=Help or make easy. Crystallization=Form a definite shape.
· Inside the TAC treatment tank are porcelain beads with the atomic level pattern of the crystal etched on their surface allowing for the calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate ions to come together on the template to created millions of microscopic crystals of scale that rapidly form and are released from the bead immediately into the treated water, not forming on the contact surfaces of the water system and are carried downstream in suspension through the water system.
· The crystal formation on the microscopic crystals (seed crystals) created on the beads and released in the water stream are the lowest energy reaction possible between the ions therefore existing scale will be dissolved back into the water stream by reacting with and forming crystals.
· The seed crystals are constantly being formed on the beads and released as catalyst for crystal growth in the water stream.
· Crystallization is the process that the “magnet process” and “electrical charging of water” claim to achieve. But by independent testing the electrical and magnetic methods are a maximum of 60% effective at scale prevention leaving an unacceptable level of 40% scaling. The TAC method is tested at 99.9% efficient at scale prevention and removal.
Iron and Manganese Just as with conventional water softening media, the unit needs to be protected from excess levels of certain metals that can easily coat the active surface, reducing its effectiveness over time. Public water supplies rarely, if ever, present a problem, but if the water supply is from a private well confirm that the levels of iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) are less than 0.3 mg/L and 0.05 mg/L respectively. Copper should be less than 1.3 mg/L.
Copper Copper usually originates from new copper plumbing upstream of the system. If this condition exists, we recommend waiting 3-4 weeks before placing the system in operation. This will allow the copper surfaces to be fully flushed and develop a natural protective surface. To further minimize any problem with excess copper the plumbers should be advised to avoid applying excess flux on the inner surfaces of the pipe and to use a low-corrosivity water soluble flux listed under the ASTM B813 standard. Once the plumbing connections are complete, place the system in bypass prior to following the startup procedure and flush the plumbing for at least 10 minutes
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Scale preventive MEDIA

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