RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filter-Permeate Pump ERP500 - 50 GPD Frame Stand Mounted

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Reverse osmosis, also known as hyperfiltration, is the finest filtration available today. It is the most common treatment technology used by premium bottled water companies. It is effective in eliminating or substantially reducing a very wide array of contaminants, and of all technologies used to treat drinking water in residential applications, it has the greatest range of contaminant removal. Reverse osmosis will allow the removal of particles as small as individual ions.

Reverse osmosis uses a membrane that is semi-permeable, allowing pure water to pass through it, while rejecting the contaminants that are too large to pass through the tiny pores in the membrane. Quality reverse osmosis systems use a process known as cross-flow to allow the membrane to continually clean itself. As some of the fluid passes through the membrane the rest continues downstream, sweeping the rejected contaminants away from the membrane and down the drain. The process of reverse osmosis requires a driving force to push the fluid through the membrane (the pressure provided by a standard residential water system is sufficient - 40 psi+).

Since membranes are subject to degrading by chlorine, iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide, and to bacterial attack, a sediment pre-filter and an activated carbon pre-filter and/or post-filter is included with your reverse osmosis system. RO systems are generally the best choice for water contaminated with high nitrite levels as might be found in agricultural areas.

This unit contains the following:

  • 1 Sediment Filter Filter

  • 1 Granular Activated Carbon Filter

  • 1 Carbon Block Filter

  • 1 Membrane 50 GPD

  • 1 Inline Alkaline/Ionizer Negative Orp Filter

  • 3 Filter Housings (10" Standard Size)

  • 1 Garden Hose Adapter 

  • 1 Drain Saddle Valve

  • 1 Housing Wrench

  • 1 Permeate Pump ERP500

  • 1 Inline Ball Valve

  • 4' each of red tubing,black tubing, white tubing.

1st Stage - All of our sediment filters use multi-gradient spun polypropylene filter cartridges. These cartridges use the entire depth of their media by trapping the largest sediment particles on the outside of the filter, then gradually stepping down the size of particles they will reject as the water moves closer to the core of the filter. The result is longer filter life, greater dirt-holding capacity, higher flow rates, and remarkably low pressure drop. The 100% pure polypropylene media is highly resistant to bacteria and chemicals, making this an excellent choice for both well water and municipal water treatment applications.

2nd Stage - Carbon is a substance that has a long history of being used to absorb impurities and is perhaps the most powerful absorbent known to man. One pound of carbon contains a surface area of roughly 125 acres and can absorb literally thousands of different chemicals. Activated carbon which has a slight electro-positive charge added to it, making it even more attractive to chemicals and impurities. As the water passes over the positively charged carbon surface, the negative ions of the of the contaminants are drawn to the surface of the carbon granules.

3rd Stage - With carbon block filters, water is forced through the pores of the densely compacted carbon block, where a combination of mechanical filtration, electrokinetic adsorption, and physical/ chemical adsorption take place to reduce a wide range of contaminants. Solid Carbon Block technology can reduce chlorine, taste and odor problems, particulate matter, and a wide range of contaminants of health concern -- cysts (cryptosporidium and giardia), VOCs (pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals), certain endocrine disrupters, Trihalomethanes (cancer-causing disinfection by-products), heavy metals (lead, mercury), turbidity, MTBE, Chloramines and asbestos. Solid carbon block filters do not remove healthful, naturally-occurring minerals.

Post Carbon Filter - A final Polishing step that ensues a sparkling clean and pure water taste.


Typical Applications:

Water Treatment RO

Benefits & Features:

 Effective for inlet water pressure as low as 30 psi

  • Requires no electricity, powered by energy from brine water
  • Increases membrane life, lowers "TDS creep"
  • Improves recovery rates by as much as 400%
  • Fills product tank up to 4 times more rapidly
  • Reduces waste water by as much as 80%
  • Enhances contaminant rejection
  • Ideal for membranes rated 10-100 GPD
  • NSF approved (Standard 58)
  • One Year manufacturer's warranty*

How does the permeate pump work ?

The ERP 500 Permeate Pump uses the energy of the brine water of your RO System to pump the permeate into your tank, it does not require electricity for then. It is just using hydraulic energy that normally goes to the drain unused.

This way, it isolates your Tank from the membrane and lets your membrane perform like in an atmospheric tank system. Look at our Computer animation below. You can click on the image to enlarge it. If you click on the pump you get a detailed view on the pump only.

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