RO Membrane CSM Residential & Aquarium Reef LOW PRESSURE MEMBRANE 50/100/150

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Membrane By CSM 4 Residential & Aquarium Reef Reverse Osmosis Water

50 gpd @ 20 psi, 100 gpd @ 40 psi, 150 gpd @ 60 psi



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1 CSM Membrane RE-2012-LP 2.0" X 12" LOW PRESSURE MEMBRANE

CSM membranes can eliminate substances larger then 0.0001um, such as carcinogens, THMs, heavy

metal ions, bacteria and viruses in water.

Perfect for tap water applications.

LP: Low Pressure Membrane, rated 50 GPD @ 20 PSI, 100 GPD @ 40 PSI, 150 GPD @ 60 PSI

This special low pressure membrane provides 50 GPD a low pressure of only 20 PSI. It is ideal for low water pressure applications. THIS MEMBRANE AT 60 PSI SHOULD GIVE YOU UP TO 150 GPD The same standard membrane housing can accommodate RO membranes with capacities ranging between 18-100 gallons per day (GPD). Average NaCl Rejection: 90% Permeate Flow at 20 PSI: 50 GPD Specifications are based on 500 mg/L NaCl solution at 20 psi net pressure (1.37 bar), 77°F (25°C), 15% recovery after 24 hours. Individual element flux may vary ± 15%.

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