New Arsenic Removal Water Filter System ASM-10-HP 2 cu. ft. whole house

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 New Arsenic Removal Water Filter System - 2 cu.ft. ASM-10-HP

  • Whole house 12" x 52" tank with 2 ft.3 ASM10hp Arsenic removal resin
  • Fleck 2510 Timer control head with bypass valve 1"
  • Will treat flow rates from 3-12 gpm, meets ANSI/NSF Standard 44 & 61
  • Arsenic resin will remove high levels of both AS+3 & AS+5 arsenic and is gold seal certified
  • 5 Years Pentair manufacturer warranty on Fleck; 2510 Filter Backwash 

ASM-10-HP is a strongly basic hybrid anion exchange resin specially formulated to selectively remove arsenic. It is supplied in the salt form as clean, moist, tough, uniform, spherical beads. ASM-10-HP exhibits extraordinary throughput capacity in arsenic removal service on potable water supplies. Its performance is virtually unaffected by common anions, such as chlorides, bicarbonates or sulfates. It is effective over the entire pH range of potable water. It has the highest arsenic removal capacity of organic based arsenic removal media, with no Arsenic dumping - effluent arsenic levels will not exceed influent levels if resin is operated past exhaustion point. Spherical and uniform particle size provide low pressure drop and greater resistance to bed compaction. Unlike granular, coated medias, ASM-10-HP will not shed particles. ASM-10-HP is made from NSF/ANSI-61 validated Anion Exchange Resin.


1 - 1252 FRP Mineral Tank 

1 - Fleck 2510 Filter Backwash Valve 

1 - Bypass Valve - 1" Pipe connection

1 - Gravel Underbedding

2 - CF ASM-10-HP 

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