Heavy Duty PH Neutralizer & Remineralizer Calcite Tank Water Filter System

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Calcite is a super high capacity, naturally occurring PH increaser. It is for general drinking water pH increase purposes. It can also be used as an reverse osmosis polisher if desired (installed at the last stage). Since it is sacrificial, the calcite acid cartridge will add 2-5 ppm of hardness to the water. This is also an excellent way to reduce the corrosiveness low tds water.

This filter is constructed totally from FDA grade materials and media. This calcite filter will deliver a neutral effluent form acidic feed as low as pH5. Low pH's require slower flow rates.

One of the advantages of Calcite is its self-limiting property. When properly applied, it corrects pH only enough to reach a non-corrosive equilibrium. It does not overcorrect under normal conditions. Upon contact with Calcite, acidic water slowly dissolve the calcium carbonate to raise the pH.

Calcite Filtration is an add-on option to ANY reverse osmosis system, of any brand. Reverse osmosis is one of the few water treatment technologies that filters virtually all contaminants from water, both organic and inorganic. Many other filtration methods filter chlorine and VOC's, but miss many of the inorganic contaminants such as Nitrates, Arsenic and Chromium 6 that reverse osmosis effectively filters.

However, the same high performance filtration that filters harmful contaminants also filters healthy minerals from water, including calcium.

Because the minerals have been filtered from the water, the pH drops and makes the water more acidic. Acidic water may be less absorbed in the body creating less hydration. It may also alter its pH balance.

The unique design allows the water to pass through coconut shell granular activated carbon for further water filtration and polishing as well as adding Calcite (calcium carbonate). The Calcite slowly dissolves into water, adding back the minerals as well as raising the pH. Our in-house tests showed water that post-RO filtration had a pH of 6.4 and after passing through the pH Neutralizing Post Filter, raised the pH to 7.6 creating refreshing, delicious, healthful water.

Replace mineral once each year or sooner if heavy usage. Your water can be both purified with reverse osmosis technology and mineral-enhanced. Order yours today.


* Easy to Install

* Makes RO Water Healthy Again with Minerals Added Back In

* Lasts One Year

This includes:

1 948 FRP Mineral Tank

1 In & Out Valve

1 Distributor Tube Assembly & Cap

1 Cubic Foot Calcite (50 LBS)

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