5 Lbs Nuclear Grade Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Deionization

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DI Mix Bed Water Resin Filter


- Five pounds of De ionization resin is enough to refill minimum 10 times in-line refillable filter housing

2"x10" or 7 times of the refillable 2.5"x10" filter housing that fits inside a standard 10" housing.

- 5 Lbs of DI resin is enough to process approximately 5000 to 7000 gallons of Reverse Osmosis Water Quality.

DI filter ( Mix Bed Resin ) named as de-ionization stage

Demineralization Resin used to produce 99.99% pure water by simply attaching this convenient decolonization filter with RO unit. Convenient post RO filtration DI unit (RO/DI unit) provides crucial supplemental filtration to remove most impurities for pure polished product water. Excellent in areas with hard water. Produce 99.99% pure water. It will give you 0 ppm TDS, Conductivity attainable less than 0.1uS/cm or resistivity of close to 18 meg.ohm. Simply DI filter removes remaining of dissolved solids after RO system

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