Water Softener 48000 Grains- 1054 Mineral Tank - Brine Tank POE System

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Clack Water Softeners

The Clack valve was designed with ease of installation and service in mind. The valve boasts fewer parts than comparable systems, meaning easy service, and long-lasting reliability.
  • Variable reserve automatically adjusts to your family’s changing water-usage patterns
  • Powerful, user-friendly, reliable electronics that automatically monitor many water treatment functions:
    • Days since last regeneration
    • Gallons since last regeneration
    • Gallon reserve capacity and maximum flow rate for the last seven days
    • Current flow rate
    • Total number of regenerations
  • 10 selectable programming options ensure conditioned water for your family’s needs
  • NORYL™ corrosion-resistant control valve body is durable for long life
  • All internal components are lead-free
  • Pre-fill brine tank with softened water reduces salt-bridging problems and cleaning of brine tank
  • 12-volt output AC adapter provides safe and easy installation
  • Permanent memory backup of all programmed settings — even during power outages!
  • Treated water regenerant refill — keeps your brine system cleaner
  • Advanced technology for added durability:
    • Easy programming and minimal parts
    • Switches, cycle cams, wiring harnesses, and wire nuts have been eliminated
Manufactured from high-tech NORYL materials, the Clack valve has been engineered to withstand the test of the Las Vegas Hardness levels!

Our Clack products include the following:
  • Clack meter valve
  • Bypass and plumbing adapter  
  • Mineral tank
  • 14 x 34 square salt tank
  • Hi-capacity, 10% crosslink resin
  • Valve-to-brine tank tubing — 6 ft. x 3/8"
System Specifications:
  • Regen type: Meter initiated (0-50,000 gal)
  • Timer type: Electronic
  • Cycle type: 6-cycle adjustable
  • Electrical requirements: 24 vac/60 Hz (plug-in transformer included)
  • 1054 Mineral Tank
  • 1.5 Cu Ft Softener Resin
  • Gravel Underbed
  • WS1 Meter Valve
  • Bypass Valve
  • Plumbing Adapter 1" Pipe Connection

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