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Alkaline/Ionizer Negative ORP Water Filter In line Cartridge 8.5 - 9 pH Neg -150~250 mV

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Alkaline/Ionizer Negative ORP Water Filter In line Cartridge 2"x 10"









Alkaline Ionizer Negative Orp Water In Line Water Filter Cartridge 2"x 10"

1/4" FNPT (Fittings are not included)

PH Value 8.5 ~ 9.0

Negative Orp Potential - approximately -150 ~ 250 mV

Making access to Alkaline/Ionizer Neg ORP Potential easy and affordable to everyone.

Reverse Osmosis product water is more acidic due to it's purity. By the time the water is processed through the various stages, after the reverse osmosis stage, minerals etc has been removed. To replenish necessary minerals, an alkaline filter is recommended. The alkaline filter, reverse osmosis product water tends to be acidic due to the purity of the water. All minerals have been stripped from the water. To buffer the water to a more natural alkaline state, and to add essential minerals back i.e. calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. We highly recommend the alkaline filter. This filter will increase the alkalinity without over correcting.This alkaline antioxidant filter provides abundant Active Hydrogen and also increases reduction power by increasing pH, making small water cluster and providing beneficial minerals. Negative ORP potential, which is produced with ionized alkaline water, severely retards the aging process. By counteracting oxidative damage to our cells. It does this by hunting down free radicals in our system and neutralizing them. Negative ORP is a very powerful anti-oxidant. and is found naturally in orange juice, glacial runoff and deep underground uncontaminated aquifer or spring water.

Average pH/alkaline 8.5 - 9pH
Neg ORP Approximately -150 ~ 250 mV

Recommended use with Reverse Osmosis

The Cap side is "IN" the smooth side is "OUT"
It is recommended to use / install this filter after your membrane and before your final post carbon filter.

Please let water flow through filter for 15 minutes prior to use.

There are no installation instruction, if you need assistance contact us via message or email.

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